DAIGE is a Hungarian startup brand which has kicked off its own label in 2012 by two young creatives, Melinda Toth and Ildiko Dudas in their graduation year. After 14 months and 4 collections, Ildiko left abroad to continue her studies while Melinda has become the owner and the chief designer of the brand.

We create mini-collections that embrace a specific concept and thus are constructed thematically. DAIGE draws inspiration from sports, nature, contemporary arts and cinema mixing these impressions with real sophistication. The collections of the label represent a vast scale of clothes from the color-bomb, loose cut street-fashion pieces to pure and comfortable elegance.

What sets the label apart is the strong idea and concept behind every collection, the combination of funky prints with smart cuts and an edgy style. This is the essence of the DAIGE aesthetic with a hint of irony.

Our special clothes call for the wardrobe of women whose style is not built up of efforts but stems from a strong, complex personality. They are self-conscious and also sensitive to their own world and environment, have the courage to try new ways, adventures and to widen their own boundaries.



THANKS TO our co-workers and volunteers:

Our photographer: Peter Hencz

Our graphic designer: Dóra Berczi

Our web designer: Csaba Bozzay

Our showroom assistant: Orsolya Vigh

Our sales manager: Annamaria Kaptay

Our brand manager: Anna Hudecz